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Annie Chen

Musician | Educator
Based in Jersey City

Annie Chen is an accomplished and versatile musician, performing music of all ranges of styles. With an illustrious career ranging from baroque music to premiering pieces written for her, Annie has established herself as a musician and educator across Canada and the United States. Born and raised in Iowa City, Annie discovered a passion for music by learning piano from her mother. She established a successful piano career in Iowa, winning several performance competitions, until focusing on violin in her higher education. Annie graduated from the Eastman School of Music, studying with many prestigious mentors including Yoojin Jang, Robin Scott, and Christel Thielmann. 

In addition to performing, Annie is deeply committed to music education, having guided her violin students to winning awards, competitions, and performing in Carnegie Hall. Annie has supported and led students to achieve their goals in orchestra, All State ensembles, and achieving high marks in Royal Music Academy exams. Her lessons emphasize the importance of creating a beautiful sound, drawing a narrative, and inspiring creativity. Annie enjoys connecting with her students by helping them understand and explore music of all styles.
As an educator, Annie currently teaches students privately as well as volunteering as a piano and violin instructor at the Covenant House. Additionally, she will performing at the Smithsonian as a featured Haydn Fellow with members of the University of Maryland residence quartet and London Haydn Quartet. The program features five concerts studied on Smithsonian-owned instruments by makers such as Antonio Stradivari. 


Anyone can learn an instrument! It is incredibly exciting to develop your ear and coordination, and rewarding to push the bounds of your creativity. Classical music has a wonderfully rich history with countless influences, voices, and stories. I enjoy passing on the expertise of my many wonderful mentors and inspiring my students to appreciate music and love playing.

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